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To all of our KLA families and in our community, welcome to our monthly pedagogical newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to make visible the learning that takes place at our schools and most importantly build a bridge that connects us. Our newsletters will highlight teachers and classroom stories, share information about our school facility, school updates, events, academic updates and more.
Register Today for 2019 – 2020 School Year
Enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year is  now open!!
If you have any questions about our program, educational philosophy or tuition, please come and tour our school. During your tour, you will see the school and classrooms in action, visit your child’s age group classroom and meet some of the staff members that make this all a reality. If possible, bring your child along with you to the tour, we would love to meet them as well.
Call us at 305-931-2322 to schedule your tour today!
KLA Aventura services children 1 year to 4 years old.
Come To Our March Open House
We will host our March Open House on Saturday, March 23rd from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Come and learn how KLA Schools can help prepare your child for success in school and in life! We hope you will join us for this exciting opportunity to tour our school and meet our staff, while learning about our unique programs.
Nido Class (1 year old children)
Why Should You Tour?
Meet the people who will educate your child
  • See student engagement in classrooms
  • Observe the schools facilities
  • Ask questions
Join us this Summer!
Our Planet Earth is full of elements that make it one of a kind. This summer, KLA Schools is providing your child with the opportunity to discover and explore the world we live in.
Through an array of experiences, we will investigate the amazing things that make our Planet Earth unique while enriching each child’s special connection to our home planet. Learn more about our summer camp and to
Our Unique Features
AKA –> Teacher Planning Time
Professional Development
KLA provides teachers 7.5 hours a week of professional development, that is estimated at
390 hours a year! From 3:00 p.m. – 4: 30 pm
our educators analyze children’s work and use this along with developmental standards to build their curriculum.
It allows teachers the time to revisit their day, develop strategies to support children further and gather materials and tools that can elevate the activities happening in their classrooms. 
Food Atelier
Atelier is a French word that means ”workshop” or ”studio.” Our journey into a food atelier began this year! Food takes on many different meanings for human beings. As one of our most basic needs, it makes sense that food has had such a powerful influence. Things get interesting when food moves beyond mere sustenance. Which brings us to our research, in which we aim to understand, connect and value the concept of a Food Atelier and everything that it implies. 
Fun Facts About Our School
  • The grand majority of our staff have been with us for over 3 years!
  • Our school represents 44 countries around the world! Talk about diversity! 
Keeping Young Children Safe on YouTube
Over the years, YouTube has skyrocketed in popularity. It now has over one billion users daily, and many of these are children. These days, parents are concerned about their children being exposed to YouTube and accidentally coming across a video that is scary. There are also disturbing videos that can seem child-friendly at first, often featuring faked versions of their favorite movie or book characters in frightening or adult situations.
Click here
for 5 tips to help keep your young child safe on YouTube.


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